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CCLTalent Now Casting - JULY 2019


WHAT:  CCLTalent is seeking a young boy with a beautiful soprano voice to be a part of a private song recording.  Paid!

WHO:  Boys, 6 - 8 years old.  Soprano

WHERE:  Location will be local to Winchester, Virginia

WHEN:  The recording will take place before the second week of September, 2019.

HOW:  To submit your children, please contact us through email at [email protected] with information about your child's singing ability and a photograph.  Those selected to audition, will be asked to prepare an audition video self tape of your child singing.  


CCLTalent Showcase - Summer 2019


Come perform for some top area Professionals Seeking Talent for their next Project!

WHAT:  CCLTalent will perform in a Showcase for Industry Professionals to share their talents.  Afterwards, talent will have the opportunity to meet invited guests during a small cocktail reception.

WHO:  Seeking actors/singers/dancers/musicians/speciality acts. 

WHERE:  The location is TBD.  We are looking at two locations in Winchester, VA and Stephens City, VA.

WHEN:  Sunday, June 23, 2019 2 - 5 PM

HOW:  For those that wish to participate, please contact 347-709-7205.  You must be a signed CCLTalent to participate.  If you've not signed with CCL yet, please contact our offices for further details.



Damaged Disciples  - Spring 2019


Dark comedy/Action/Fantasy. Adult "overtones"

Synopsis: "Damaged Disciples" An anal retentive atheist social worker named Jimmy has just lost his girlfriend to the grave. His situation grows worse once he stumbles upon a secret society of Angel and Demons, blending in with Humans on Earth... After having his life saved by one particular, very self-serving, sarcastic and self-abusive Angel, causes increasingly deadly side effects. The powers that be want to tie up any loose ends and continue to conceal their existence by just executing Jimmy. But Jimmy barters to assist in a Grand Quest in hopes they will cure him. Many temptations and pitfalls emerge as Jimmy now has no choice but help end a war between good and Evil...But which side will he take?

Headshots and resumes/reels to:  [email protected]

Casting from Self-Tapes

Some compensation for travel/lodging


Shooting in Luray, Winchester, VA and areas in Maryland.


Justin Kase

Age 30-40, Seraph: Warrior Angel~Irish accent. Tall, thin athletic build.

Jimmy - CAST


Age 30ish, wide eyed, hippie chick. Spiritual, british accent.

Reston Peace

Age 50ish, demon, business attire. Real estate mogul type. Accent?

Mr. Roach - CAST


Age 30ish, angel, classic type. Flowing gown, beautiful and flowing hair.

Sarah Belum - CAST

Owen Lee Kidding

Age 30ish. Arc Angel, handsome, broad shouldered. Irish accent.

Jimmy's Grandmother - CAST

Young Crazed Nun

Age 30ish, Human nun. Flashbacks. Normal and in asylum, crazy.


Age 50-60, warden between worlds. Bearded chess player. Russian accent.


Age 40ish. Human Stalker of Justin. Beautiful, but self-conscious of her aging. Dual personality.


Age 30-40ish, Human. Dirty, tough, intimidating. Boston accent.

Kayla - CAST


Age 15. Human, Second in command of the Hooligans. Wears black jeans, dark glasses and bandanna. Fights with metal Yo-Yos.


Age 12. Human. Last of the Hooligans. Wears camo pants, vest w/multiple pockets, sports a mohawk and fights with rubber bands and paperclips.


Age 50-60. Makes paper oragami weapons.

Necro Brothers

Age: 30ish. 3 brothers. Bottom of the barrel, greasy mechanics/redneck types. One lead brother that does all the talking and the other 2 are mostly silent though brooding. These men collect body part “trophies” in jars.

Rest Home Man

Age 60-75. ( "Godfather").  Half blind demon in wheel chair. Rest home. Speaks mostly profanities. Loves mice. Doesn't feed them


Age 20s to 40s.  Nurse uniform.  Attends to Rest Home Man " Godfather's needs.


RAMPAGE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: A 360-Degree Perspective 


Casting immediately for Spring Production 2019

A Virtual Experience project being produced by SHENANDOAH UNIVERSITY


CCLTalent is immediately seeking multiple teens and children for Background and Principle acting roles virtual experience.  Principle roles pay a small compensation.  Actors will receive credit and craft services will be available.


1)  COLEMAN #1 - Full head of brown hair, green eyes, light-skin, 6 year old boy!  (A few speaking lines. Can follow directions. Well-behaved.) Principle

2)  COLEMAN #2 - Full head of brown-hair, green eyes, light-skin, 12 year old boy!  (Has lines and is capable of being directed.) Principle

3) MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS - 2 girls, 1 boy. All types. Principle

4) ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS - 12  Fifth grade students.  All types. Background

5) MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS - 2 girls, 1 boy.  All types. Principle

6) HIGH SCHOOL AGE BOYS - 2.  All types. Principle

7) HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS - 10 high school students.  All types. Background.


Powhattan School

Boyce, VA


Saturday, March 9, 2019 


Please send an email to [email protected], with all of your contact information, two photographs:  1) A close up shot of head/shoulder (headshot if you have one or even a photograph taken from your phone) and 2) a full body shot and finally, please confirm your availability for all day on 3/9/19.  

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:  You will be notified of your being cast either via email or phone asap as casting will be taking place all week.  Principal roles may require a self-taped improvisational situation.  Please help us to spread the word of this casting by sharing this information!